Welcome to Crédit Agricole Provence Côte d'Azur

How to become customer ?


All you need to open a bank

account in France is :
1. Original of your passport or identity card
2. The Marriage certificate or Birth certificate,
3. Your last 3 months bank statement from your main account Computer printouts will not be accepted Or bankers reference,
4. One utility bill bearing your address (less than 3 months old) Mobile phone invoice will not be accepted On request, we will send you back the original,
5. Phone number and email address,
6. Tax reference number,
7. Last income tax.

For British resident :
1. A council tax bill with statement
and Pay slips for British resident.

To join one of the most prestigious French banks, worldwide known for its knowledge in loans and legacy : nothing could be simpler. Send an e-mail at : ca-en-ligne@ca-pca.fr

You are not customer of Credit Agricole yet, and would like to become one? You would like to find out more before making your decision?

Contact one of our adviser! It's easy, and there will be no obligation to sign anything!

You will be able to ask him/her all the questions you need an answer to.

Then if you decide to open a bank account with Crédit Agricole, your financial adviser will help you with the transfer of your savings and securities account.

To find out the nearest branch from your home or workplace:

You can then make an appointment by either:
  • Telephoning directly to the agency that you will have chosen,